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Why are more and more hoses using pp spiral jackets?

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Most of the hydraulic hoses are now using pp spiral jackets, but what is the real role of hose guards? What are the benefits of winding a pp spiral protective sleeve on the hose? As a professional sheath manufacturer, I will introduce it to you.
The role of the pp spiral protective cover:
1. Compared with the wire retaining spring, the pp spiral protective cover can almost completely wrap rubber hoses and cables and other items, effectively preventing the influence of harsh environments such as ultraviolet rays and sand, and greatly prolonging the service life of the hose.
2. The construction environment of construction machinery is relatively poor, and it is often hit by sand and gravel. The hose protection sleeve has outstanding effects in preventing sandstone collision friction.
3. If during the construction process, the hose of the hose protector is not impacted or the pressure of the hose is too large, the oil in the pipe may leak and cause the machine personnel to be contaminated, and the hose protector can prevent the hose from being The bruises, on the other hand, can also prevent the oil from splashing around after the hose itself bursts.
4. Some construction machinery can easily touch the hose during the construction process. For example, when the forest feller is easy to be touched by the branches when cutting trees, the red or yellow pp spiral hose jacket can make the hose more conspicuous. It is easy for the driver to avoid the branches, thereby reducing the chance of the hose being hit.
The above is the advantage I have shared with you using the pp spiral sheath. I believe everyone has understood why the pp spiral sheath is so popular.