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The Significance of Existence of Buckle Type High Temperatur

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There are a lot of high temperature area in the industrial production, internal not only have all kinds of mechanical equipment running jobs, along with a variety of cable, tubing, hose distributed in various places, and high temperature environment is easy to cause damage to them, so you need to use high temperature fire sleeve on the long-term effective protection, and what is significance of existence of buckle type high temperature resistant fire sleeve?

Buckle type high temperature resistant fire sleeve is a class of high temperature fire sleeve, selects the alkali-free glass fiber yarn and silicone rubber processing, is on the basis of pipe cylinder casing processing is made and be become a hasp casing, when use disassembly is very convenient and quick installation, can be fully effective protection for a long time high temperature area operations of all kinds of cables, pipelines and other equipment.

Buckle type high temperature resistant fire sleeve material because of its function characteristic, also has a variety of protective functions, such as high temperature resistant flame retardant, fire insulation, dust-proof abrasion resistance, acid and alkali anti-aging and so on, is widely applied in the field of cable protection, can satisfy the customer different workshop pipeline equipment of various protection requirements, functional protective is safe and effective.

And the existence of the buckle type high temperature resistant fire sleeve, can not only effectively protect all kinds of pipeline equipment for a long time, still can reduce the installation time, especially some bad dismantling pipeline, when using high temperature casing to protect, is in urgent need of this without dismantling the equipment installed buckles casing, break can be set, also can adjust freely within the prescribed scope specifications, use convenient and quick.

At the same time, the buckle type fire sleeve in use, also can not remove the equipment cable, cable can be directly coated, can avoid the cable because of the external environment temperature is too high and melt the diplomatic layer caused by short circuit, but also to prevent corrosive substances corrosion of the cable, causing safety accidents in the workshop.

The existence of buckle type high temperature resistant fire sleeve can effectively isolate the damage of external high temperature environment to pipeline equipment for a long time, and it also has good functions of dust-proof and wear-resisting, etc. Within the specified use range, it can effectively protect all kinds of pipeline equipment for a long time, prolong its service time, and reduce the maintenance cost of enterprises.

There are many specifications of Orientflex buckle type high temperature fire sleeve. It can be applied to the protection of pipeline equipment under different working conditions. It has good protection effect for a long time and can also prevent fire and other safety accidents.