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How to Protect Smelting Industry Cable from High Temperature

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There are a lot of high temperature workshop in the smelting industry. The operation of the internal equipment requires cable to transfer electric energy to ensure the normal operation of the machinery. Therefore, the protection of the cable is essential.

Recently, a customer inquired that some cables in the workshop that were installed before, and now they need to be protected. But it is not convenient to disassemble and re-install. So is there any good solution?

For this situation, Orientflex recommends two protection solutions to the customer. One is the buckle type high temperature resistant fire sleeve, and the other is the high temperature resistant tape. These two products are thick glass fiber layer, thermal insulation performance is excellent, can be installed in the field online, without removing the pipeline, can be optimized for protection.

The difference lies in that the buckle type high-temperature resistant fire sleeve adopts fire-retardant adhesive tape at the splitting place. The appropriate specifications should be selected during installation, and then the cable should be directly covered and adjusted according to the actual size of the cable, so as to ensure the tightness of casing protection and the integrity of the structure.

High temperature resistant winding tape is directly wound on the cable, especially for those non-specification cable, can be directly wrapped, there is no specification limit, but after installation will not affect the protective effect.

Under the high temperature environment of smelting industry, the cable that cannot be disassembled can also be directly protected, as long as you choose the right method and product!