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Introduction to spiral protective cover

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Spiral sleeve advantage
The spiral protective sleeve is a spiral polypropylene material with light texture, good wear resistance and wide application. It is often used for the protection of hoses and wires and cables. In life, it can also protect the hose from friction, extend the life of the hose and wire, and save the cost of replacing the hose and wires.

Use of spiral protective cover
In the industry, spiral protective sleeves are mainly wrapped around hydraulic hoses, tubing, cables and other products, such as excavators, loaders, road rollers, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks and other construction machinery and injection molding equipment, which can not only improve the appearance It can also enhance the wear resistance, aging resistance, antistatic and UV resistance of internal products, and extend the service life of pipes for more than three years.
In the family, the spiral protective cover can be wrapped around the computer line, the network cable and the TV line at home, which not only solves the storage and arrangement, but also prevents the mouse and the pet from biting the wire, and can be used for finishing and protecting the computer line in the home and office. It can also help the tram to comb the wire harness, which is neat and beautiful, and brings convenience to life and work. In addition, it can be wound around the air-conditioner plug-in pipe to avoid aging and cracking of the pipe directly; it can also be wrapped around the water pipe. For example, the water pipe of the car washing machine is frequently used, the water pipe is dragged and towed, and it is easy to wear and wear. The spiral protective cover has the characteristics of wear resistance, and is wrapped around the outside of the water pipe of the car washing machine, which can well protect the water pipe. At the same time, if the oil pipe and gas pipe of the gas station and the gas station are more dangerous, the spiral protective cover will greatly reduce the safety hazard of the gas station of the gas station by virtue of its own wear resistance and anti-aging performance.
The spiral protective sleeve has many advantages such as wear resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, sun protection, ultraviolet resistance, flame retardancy, etc., and has high cost performance, and brings many conveniences to people in production and life.