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Factors that affect the wear resistance of the hose cover

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PP spiral protective sleeve has strong anti-wear, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, flame retardant and other high-quality properties, so it is strongly welcomed by the large mechanical equipment industry. In many characteristics of the product, wear resistance is the most concerned by customers. Below, as a professional spiral sheath manufacturer to give you a detailed explanation of the factors affecting the wear resistance of the hose protective sleeve.

First, the wear resistance is related to the quality of the raw materials. The PP material of the original material is light, chemically stable, non-toxic and harmless, so the wear-resistant hose protective cover produced is smooth, no blistering, no shortage of material, no cracks and burrs; The sheathed product is doped with a lot of recycled materials, which are not only uneven, toxic and harmful, and have variegated colors, and are much heavier than high-quality sheaths under the same number of meters. This makes it easy to identify.
Secondly, the wear resistance is related to the environment and conditions of use of the PP spiral protective cover. Whether it is a normal environment or a special working environment, the weather is bad, the frequency of use, etc. are all factors that affect the wear resistance of the sheath. Nowadays, the wear-resistant rubber hose cover can be widely used in excavators, loaders, forklifts, and other construction machinery equipment. It can also be used for equipment protection in harsh environments such as underground mines and mines. It can also be used for daily air conditioning plug-in tubes. In many environments, such as protection, electrical wire protection, computer management, etc., the wear resistance of the sheath is different in different environments.
Finally, the wear resistance of the PP spiral protective sleeve is related to the production process. Runte Rubber has a good environment - modern production equipment and advanced testing equipment, and is also made by hot-winding qualitative extrusion process. The production of the pipeline makes the data of the jacket more accurate, better quality and flexibility. Better, it is not easy to break under the exposure conditions; the rubberized protective cover produced is more excellent in wear resistance.