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Introduction to spring guard

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Spring guard is a new type of internal thread fastener. At present, threaded sheath has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, locomotive, automobile, machinery, instrumentation, mold, construction, furniture and other fields.
Advantages of spring guard
1. Increase the connection strength: It can be used for light and soft low-strength alloy materials such as aluminum and magnesium, wood, plastic, rubber and other easily deformable low-strength materials to avoid slipping, wire-cutting and wrong teeth.
2, increase the force surface: can be used for thin body parts that require strong connection force and can not increase the diameter of the screw hole.
3, improve the connection conditions: the connection is fastened to effectively prevent fragmentation.
4. Wear-resistance: It can be used in the parts that are frequently disassembled and installed, and in the screw holes that are often rotated to prolong its service life.
5, anti-rust knot: can be used in chemical, ship, vehicle, mine, mine, field equipment, etc., adapted to use in harsh environments such as humidity, corrosion, easy to disassemble, install and maintain.
6, anti-loose: can be used in aerospace, aviation, military equipment and other occasions requiring high insurance factor.
7, anti-seismic: can be used for instruments, precision valuable equipment and power equipment.
8, for maintenance: simple example: such as diesel engine body, all kinds of aluminum parts, lathe knives, etc. will be scrapped due to a screw hole damage, as long as the screw hole re-tapping, install the screw sleeve, the scrap is revived And performance is not reduced. Especially for large and expensive parts, it shows its economic value.