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How to eliminate the flaws on the pp jacket

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First, the phenomenon of sputum
(1) The ruthenium produced by the resin during the plasticization process has small crystal spots and small particles on the surface of the plastic layer, which are distributed around the surface of the plastic layer.
(2) The crucible generated by scorching has scorch on the surface of the plastic layer, which is particularly reflected on the surface of the glue joint.
(3) Impurities have impurities on the surface of the plastic, and there are impurities in the sliced ​​crucible.
(4) Plastic enamel produced by poor plasticization. After slicing, it was found that the inside of the mash was cooked.
Second, the cause of embarrassment
(1) Since the temperature control is low, the plastic has not been plasticized and is extruded from the machine head.
(2) The quality of the plastic is poor, and there are resins that are difficult to plasticize. These are extruded without being completely plasticized.
(3) Some impurities are added to the hopper during feeding, causing impurities.
(4) The temperature control is super high, causing scorch, which causes burnt coke.
(5) There is no compression on the molded cover, and the aging deteriorates after the glue is applied, and the burnt sputum appears.
Third, the method of eliminating cockroaches
(1) The flaw caused by the plastic itself should be appropriately increased.
(2) Strictly check whether there is any foreign matter in the plastic feeding. Do not put other impurities into the hopper during feeding. If the impurities are found, clean the machine head immediately and run the glue in the screw.
(3) If the temperature is too high, the temperature should be appropriately lowered immediately. If the effect is not good, the head and the screw should be cleaned immediately to eliminate the burnt material.
(4) In the case of resin defects and poor plasticization, it is necessary to increase the temperature or reduce the speed of the screw and traction.