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Spiral protective cover product knowledge introduction

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First: What material is the spiral protective cover? What are the characteristics of this material?
The spiral protective sleeve we produce is made of modified PP raw material, adopts advanced production technology, has non-toxic and harmless, environmental protection, high temperature and antifreeze: it can be used normally at 90 °C - minus 30 °C, and the wear resistance after modification is more Strong!
Second: What are the advantages of the spiral protective cover produced by your factory?
Wear-resisting, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-bite, easy to stretch, good resilience, and can be cut at will. Use environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and harmless, bright colors, random cutting, various connection methods, easy installation, energy saving and environmental protection, making you safer and safer.
Third: Do you often say the length before stretching or the length after stretching?
The length of the spiral protective sleeve we produce is the natural length after the spiral, not the length after stretching. Our spiral protective cover is usually two meters, but it can also be customized to 10 meters. If you want to be longer, you will need to crop it when you install it.
Fourth: Will your spiral sheath be used for heating in the winter, will it lose color at high temperatures?
Our spiral protective cover is made of PP modified material and can withstand temperatures above 90 °C. There is no problem in heating. In addition, under high temperature exposure, the spiral protective cover product will have a slight fading, and it will maintain the original color but does not affect the normal use.
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