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Advantages of silicone protective cover

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     Because silicone products have many functions and practicalities, they have been widely used. Silicone protective sleeves are typical examples. Here are some of the advantages of silicone jackets.
       Silicone protective cover, which is in contact with the skin to obtain good softness and strength, without damaging the skin. The silicone sheath can also effectively obtain the anti-slip effect, high and low temperature resistance, and the like.

      Silicone material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It can be used for a long time in high temperature environment. The molding method is that the silicone protective cover manufacturer is formed under high temperature, and has good rebound strength to achieve good protection and waterproof effect, and has a good service life. From the aspects of environmental protection, color, and life, we can meet the requirements of users.

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